Monday, October 03, 2005

Yup. New blog. I felt it was time for a new one, plus I think I've totally forgotten my username and password both for the other one. Which is generally not the way to get back into posting. Anyways, the title, before you all think I've gone emo or somewhat, is a Pennywise reference and the URL is a kinda reference to an inside joke. That I may or may not explain later.

Let's see. New things since the last time I posted(which was ages and ages ago, and let's just leave it at that since I'm too lazy to go check Seceding from Society):

#1. I can now legally see R-rated movies.
#2. I have a car. No license yet(yes shut up) but a car. White 1988 Acura Integra, fully loaded(or I think, at least, for its time). It's pretty nice, and should be even more so once I get a chance to get seat covers for the back seat and put floor mats in. The power steering is out and being fixed soon, and I'm very eager to start actually driving it so I can get one of those *#$%ing licenses. I named it Oreo. And the only person who got it was...
#3. Spencer, the boyfriend. Of...a month and a halfish now. Goes to Webb City and BMXes and has a very broad taste in music that includes my music. I could go on but I think I'll leave things at that for the sake of everyone's gag reflex.
#4. I'm in three freaking DC classes this year and ouch I have a headache. The English class(actually, BOTH of them...) is particularly irritating. For reasons I'll explain later.
#5. Mr. T has a book out and you should all go buy five copies.
#6. I'm running out of things to list, so I think I might just start telling stories.

(WOW I just did check SFS and it's been *forever*)

Example of how pathetic today's world(or maybe just Diamond) is:

Casey P and I are talking in the DC Bio class about something or other, and he said that there was some TV show where they went around having people sign a petition against women's suffrage and actually got a lot of people to sign it because nobody knew what 'suffrage' meant. He then goes "Michelle, are you pro-suffrage?" "Uh, yeah.." "MICHELLE'S PRO-SUFFRAGE!!!" the class goes silent and though I'm not facing the majority of them, I get the feeling everyone's looking at me. I start laughing at the absurdity of it because I hear someone mutter something about stupid vegan or liberal or etc.

Nobody knew what suffrage meant. I'm sure there was probably 2-3(not counting Casey and myself)...but still. Eesh.

Anyways, the classes I'm taking this year:

DC Bio
DC Trig B/Precalc
Art II
20th Century Hist.

In other news, the counselor is lazy and bothers me. Also, the LA-4 class is starting to bother me. You see, we're working on papers. We handed in the revised versions on...Monday of last week, or maybe even the Friday before. And she was supposed to give them back to us(with mistakes marked out and stuff) on Monday. The final copy was due last Friday.

Well. She kept not giving them back. And moving the due date back. We were supposed to get them back last Friday but she didn't leave them for the sub, and the final draft would be due this Friday since we have the bloody testing Tues-Thurs during first and second hour. Now, we might get them back tomorrow. The final draft is *still* due on Friday. This wouldn't rub quite so badly on me, except that this is the same person that is insistent about how she NEVER accepts late work because "in the real world, there's no such thing" and blah blah blah. Hey, lady, in the real world, if the boss is late, they get in trouble too. Not to mention she's been rather hypocritical about some other things.

Also, we went and saw Just Like Heaven yesterday. It was much better than I expected(even for a chick-flick-ish movie) and even made me cry a little bit. But it's exceedingly good and you should all go see it.

My blogging abilities are exhausted for now and I'm getting ready to go call #3. So I'll hopefully post more later.


Blogger Randy said...

It is so great to read a Michelle Nickolaisen blog entry, since you have always been one of my favorite writers. I have missed these. Thanks for the kind words about my novel.

8:53 PM

Blogger David said...

She lives! and she blogs! Welcome back.

8:53 PM

Blogger Randy said...

I forgot to mention...I am honored to be both the first and second person to christen your new blog with comments.

8:54 PM

Blogger Randy said...

Whoops, make that first, third and fourth. I wasn't quick enough on the trigger.

8:54 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

Thanks guys...I guess I just have an oh-so-special writing style that's like crack or something :P

And you're welcome Mr. T! You gotta watch Dave...he's sneaky like that.

5:32 PM


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