Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm irritated, tired, and bored.

I'm not quite sure why I'm tired. I got at least eight hours of sleep last night. I'm not too sure why I'm irritated either, because I had a fairly nice day. We did redundant but easy enough testing(Stanford Achievement Test) the first three hours and I left for math league after that. I saw some people at the mall food court that worked at the Bridge, but none that I really knew well enough to say hi to. Later Lindsay, someone I actually do talk to, joined them, and I went over and said hi...we talked for a few minutes and she goes "Do you mind if I introduce you to them?" "Uh, no, not really." "Are you still dating Spencer?" "Yeah" "Hey everyone, this is Spencer's girlfriend!"

That didn't really irritate me...I found it more funny than anything else. Spencer's been going to the Bridge(which is, for the non-Joplinonians, a local skate/BMX/music place for kids to hang out at that's drug free and etc.) regularly since about 6th-7th grade and knows EVERYONE who works there plus almost everyone that goes there on a first-name basis. We can't go anywhere without someone saying hi to Spencer, and when we started dating I made a comment to Jessica about how I was going to be known as Spencer's girlfriend to everyone. Which, no big surprise, I am...walked into the Bridge the other day to be greeted by one of Spencer's friends yelling "Hey! It's Spencer's girlfriend!!!"

Not that I'm annoyed. I think it's funny.

Anyways...the rest of the day was uneventful...got to hand out place-sticks(lil tongue depressors that had numbers on them for places) at the CC meet at Diamond...almost got puked on at least twice. But I narrowly avoided it both times. And there were no injuries on my part involved - coach decided he'd tell me about an incident 2-3 years earlier where someone actually had their thumb broke because this dude grabbed the stick and jerked too hard. (wow that'd sound bad out of context...)

The only really irritating thing that happened is that I heated up lasagna, not realizing it'd splatter, and had to do a thorough cleanup of the microwave afterwards.

Yet I'm still irritated. Blah.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but we have a beagle puppy now, Scooter/Scoots. He's so cute.

I need new shoes. I'm probably going to be cheap and either wait until the New Year's Eve party/BMX/skate competition or get Spencer to get me a discount on some Vans. He's sponsored by them so I might be able to get a pair for $20 as opposed to...say...$60. If I can wait 'til New Year's, though, I get them free. At any rate, my Converses, though I love them dearly, are getting a little thin in the sole area. Might try and patch it up though 'cause I do love those shoes.

I feel slightly better now. But still tired.


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