Monday, October 10, 2005

We went to see Benefit of a Doubt Friday night in Lamar. (we being Jessica, her boyfriend, me, and Spencer) It kinda sucked, because we got there at a little after eight, trying to find the Lamar Memorial Hall...we asked a group of teens for directions and they were really rude to us. We found it anyways, walk in, and there is seriously nobody there. I mean, there was like 20 people who weren't associated with the bands there. Not that I'm complaining because we talked to at least five band-members from various bands. The part that really sucked was that we missed BOAD - we saw Shooting for Third, and about 5 songs from the JV All-Stars. And then we went back home.

The rest of the weekend was extremely uneventful. I stayed at home all day Saturday, missed a concert at the Bridge I wanted to go to, and got to drive my car for the first time as well. I like it. I only made my mom scream once. That one time was exceptionally loud, though, so I'm not sure if I have bragging rights.

I have a busy week...I just spent the last 2-3 hours working on a five page paper, which is kinda pathetic that it took me that long. The Roaring River trip is on Wednesday, and I'm not particularly looking forward to it. I remember last year as being cold, wet, irritating, and distinctly not much fun. I fell down multiple times and got lost, so I might be biased, but...yick. The Ren Faire is on Saturday, and I'm kind of looking forward to that, but I won't have anywhere near the spending money I wanted, and I'm just hoping it won't be cold and irritating.
The ACT is next Saturday. Not particularly looking forward to it.

...what I *am* looking forward to is getting those freaking MAP results back, with my gas card and such.

Skate demo at the Bridge band and free stuff, and I'm going. Hopefully, anyways, because Spencer'll be there and I'd like to see him(since I won't get to on Saturday). His car should be working soon, which I'm greatly looking forward to - it'll be SO nice not having to depend on everyone else for rides. Hopefully it'll be working before Homecoming.

Anyways, back to the homework for me. Yaaaayyy....


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