Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yesterday was a really, really bad day. This whole week hasn't been particularly great.

On Sunday our little beagle runt got shocked by a wire he was chewing on, but luckily and thank heavens I was there and, after trying to get him off the wire, unplugged it. He's okay. The next day all the dogs packed up on him for some reason and he hurt his leg(and had a few nasty gashes on his tummy/back).

People have been irritating me a WHOLE lot lately. Let's put it this way - the list of people at Diamond who I haven't wanted to strangle at least once this week, I could put on one hand. (yes, Alicia, you're included in the good list) I just think a bunch of this crap is totally idiotic to say the least. But of course I can't say anything in specific or it'll come back and bite me in the ass.

Yesterday was particularly irritating. The trip itself was okay, but there were just a bunch of little factors that really added up to annoy me. And last night I'm talking on the phone to Spencer when my mom yells something about a cat, so I ran outside to make sure they weren't hurting any of my cats...and she was already dead. I feel bad for Spencer, because I immediately started bawling and screaming at the dogs, trying to get them away from the body and one wouldn't go out so I threw him over the fence. I threw the phone down somewhere in this too. He still had my finger between two of his teeth when I tossed him, so now I have what my dad says is probably a bruised tendon. Finger's all puffy, hurts, and I can't move it normally.

Not to mention my farking car died yesterday. More details on that later, we think it's the alternator belt.

And now I get to go to school.


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