Sunday, August 06, 2006

I have had the worst day in for freaking ever. Or I guess it would be more accurate to say something like the worst last 24 hours or something. I dunno. I'm tired and my head hurts, I worked 13 hours yesterday and then didn't sleep well, fell asleep at one thirtyish and woke up at 8:20, couldn't get back to sleep. Fiddled around 'til I went in at noon, worked six hours and kept getting an incredible run of bitchy annoying people, and then these stupid $#@%tards decided to come in and stay when everyone else was closing and it was obvious we were supposed to be closed. We would have got out a freaking hour earlier if the stupid inconsiderate idiots hadn't been there. Our gate didn't even go down until ten 'til seven (the mall closes at six). It's like, freaking a people, what makes you think it's okay to do that?! What makes your time soooo much more important than ours and what makes you think we want to stay an extra hour?! 'cause you know, it's not like we don't want to go home or have things to do. ugh, people piss me off, and now I hurt in more ways than I knew it was possible to.


Anonymous casey said...

want me to kill them?

12:20 AM


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