Saturday, July 22, 2006

yesterday and today have been relatively entertaining. Yesterday Lydia called me up, wanted to do something, so we wandered around the mall and Joplin in general, went by Alicia's place of work and spoke to Scott (or, in my case, met Scott), since Alicia wasn't there, the slacker. I spent the night at Jessica's spur of the moment, and today we went to the mall again and wandered around, though this time hijinks and such were involved. Such as taking the free Auto Trader magazines, poking holes in them, and wandering around looking at people through the holes (telling them we were undercover). haha, also we ran into Spencer, who kind of followed us around whilst we were doing this, and kept insisting that we're weird. We walked into The Buckle and talked to Ryan like this, he informed us that we are goobers. all in all, fun was had.

ugh. School starts in less than a month. I do NOT want to go back. I mean, I just...there are nine people in that school that I genuinely like and can carry on a conversation with. Really, I counted. I'm sick of the brainless curriculum and sick of the teachers and sick of the people and I haven't even started again yet. blaaah...


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