Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I swear that I just saw the biggest spider I have ever seen (outside of a zoo or something). Holy freakin' crap. About 30 minutes ago I look up from the computer screen to see this HUGE thing crawling on a far corner of the desk, I

(short intermission: EWWWW some big buzzy flying thing just flew in my face. out of nowhere and I can't figure out where it went. they're waging a war or something, yicky...)

jump up but manage not to scream. It crawls off the desk into the far corner, and I realized it was a wolf spider (I think...) so I decided not to kill it, and being the huge dork I am, took pictures of it instead. Until I decided that it was really just too big and that I didn't want it ending up in my bed or something later and attempted to kill it, unsuccessfully. It ran out from under the thing extremely fast so I jump up screaming (waking everyone up, which I did again when that freakin' thing flew in my face). eeeessh. and now I'm not tired any more. I was getting up from the computer to go to bed when I saw it at much for that.

anyways, here's the pictures:

(this thing was waaay back in the corner, hence the dustiness)

I swear it was at least two inches in diameter, if not two and a half or three. the legs were sooooo long *shudders*

errmmm yeah I'm gonna try sleeping now...


Blogger fatwonkkid said...

damn that spider needs to take a shower

4:35 PM


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