Sunday, November 12, 2006

I keep meaning to blog and forgetting. I actually tried to post one earlier and it failed. So it's blogger's fault, not mine.

Pretty uneventful week, other than being super super busy. I worked Friday at Joe Muggs 7-11:30, and then again 12-3:30 Saturday. Then I went into Journey's from 4-10:30. I made the mistake of wearing new shoes, and now I have semi-blisters on my heels. It was so cold leaving Journey's, and my feet were so sore, that I almost cried walking allllllll the way across the parking lot to my car. The holidays are going to be crazy and I am NOT looking forward to it. I'm just looking forward to January when everything settles down again, and hopefully then it won't be too crazy working two jobs. I'm going to be busting my ass at Journey's because we were told that if the seasonals do better than we do, there's a chance we'll be the seasonal ones. and I would really like to keep that job.

And I'm rethinking the Joe Muggs job already - it's not so much the extra time or anything, and it's easy as hell work, but it's just that they close so late and I was sooooo exhausted all day yesterday.

Saw a cute boy with potential yesterday, though. That's always a big plus.

Going in to get my tattoo touched up this week. Crazy week. So far:

Tomorrow - work Journey's
Tuesday - AQT meet
Wednesday, Thursday - work Journey's, but I get off earlier (thankfully) so I'll have some time to myself
Friday - nothing yet, but I haven't got my schedule from Joe Muggs yet so I probably close there
Saturday - Journey's. An earlier shift so there's a good chance I close at JM that night too. *shudders*

it'll all be worth it when I get my paychecks the day before Black Friday. And I can shop. yes it will, I'll just keep telling myself that...


Anonymous casey said...

Might come by saturday and say hey then :)

be good to see ya, and the old group at BAM.

5:52 PM

Anonymous .ck. said...

I forgot about Thanksgiving being next week and all until I read your post. Wow...

Blog more often.

I started to tell you to feel free to put a link back up to mine (if you wanted to), but then remembered people because school nazis that I didn't want finding it sooo... nevermind.

See you in 15 minutes!

1:31 PM


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