Monday, October 23, 2006

long time no blog, huh?

yeah so I've been really busy. nothing horribly eventful, but for ONCE I actually worked the hours I need to in a week (got 21 last week). however, for at least the next two weeks I'm only scheduled 10 hours or so, and I need to make up for all these 10 hr weeks. so I'm trying to get a second job somewhere. but I doubt anyone's going to want to hire me for 10-15 hours a week.

(let me just revel in the dorkiness here for a moment - I *finally* got the old-school TMNT theme song as my main ringtone. YESSSSS COOLEST THING EVER!)

school is boring. I don't know. All this crap with one of my friends(something happening to her via the faculty, not, combined with the fact that I *don't* want to be there, and people speaking up to say brainless things when they'd be better off keeping their mouths's not cool. I just kind of want to make faces at the faculty in general, a few people in particular...there are some of the teachers who are good people and are trying to make a (positive) difference, but there's also some that have no business teaching.

Like the teacher I had last year for language. This is the teacher about whom I made the comment that her class was killing my brain cells, which if you'll recall, got me in hot water with the principal, because if someone is using the school resources they need to only be saying positive things about the school. Except that, if I recall correctly, the reason they tried to get me in trouble for accessing my blog during school hours was that it constituted giving out personal information (which was in the technology agreement that I signed, however nothing about blogging was). Which it didn't, because as you'll notice I don't mention my full name on here. If you read this blog, you probably do know who I am, but not necessarily just because of the contents. It's also interesting how that was what I got in trouble for, but we had another teacher make us all get emails for class that consisted of our first initial (or name possibly, I'm not sure I remember) and last name. THAT doesn't constitute putting out personal info? So, all in all, I ended up being threatened with how lucky I was that I wasn't being hauled off in handcuffs for libel (when I didn't mention the teacher's name specifically, so I'm not sure it would apply anyways) and etc. etc.

BUT that's aside from the point. This teacher was a pretty pathetic excuse for one. Not only did we spend half the year, literally, on grammar exercises (as a junior class), but we had many assignments that were exactly the same as the sophomores. And she was a poor teacher - she didn't know anything about half the things we went over, and since last year's "theme" or what have you involved a lot of stories from different cultures, she really never failed to make the other cultures sound pretty barbaric and misinterpret their beliefs. I don't know. The class as a whole really was a waste of brain cells, whether the principal likes me saying it or not. Oh, and there's a particular incident (actually, this happened on the day when I made the comment that got me in so much trouble) where she kept insisting that fate and coincidence were the same thing, despite the dictionary saying the opposite. Why? Because she "went to seminary and knows the difference!". Uh-huh. Rightio. (found the two posts about it - first here, second here)

So I gather there were complaints about her, through outlets other than myself. What does the school do? Find a teacher better suited for the job? Nooo, they bump her down to 8th grade/Freshman language instead. Great. So now she can be telling BS to people who don't know the freakin' difference instead of people who do (or at the very least have a vague idea).

It's stupid. I'm tired of this place, of the inane rules, of the sitting in class every day wishing I could be at home reading something that's worth my time, hearing stories of how none of the staff can keep their effing mouths shut about student confidentiality and people throwing fits because students who are supposed to be smart aren't acting as they're expected.

What do you think is going to happen?! You ignore our needs, put us in a box, put us in classes that give us no intellectual freedom or room for thought or anything, and treat us like a freaking dog at a show - a test score to brag about - why the HELL would we want to do anything for this school? Why would I *want* to jump through your inane hoops so that you can show the state how much we're learning, when it's not how much we're learning, we don't learn anything, we already knew it and the school had little to no part in it. Why do I want to give anything back to you people. How can you be surprised when we act out in some way with the way we get treated. I feel no loyalty to the school as a whole, to the vast majority of the student/faculty body. I've counted, there are 15 people at most in the entire high school that I genuinely like, and probably 3 teachers.

I dunno. it's all futile anyways. I'm in school for a PE credit. that's it. only a few more months.


Anonymous leo said...

On the positive side, we're almost out of there. Just wait until May.
In the meantime, don't tell the school what you really think of them until you have all your recomendations are written and your diploma is in your hand.

4:23 PM


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