Tuesday, October 10, 2006

so, no surprise, but the school people annoy me.

I go into the counsellor to talk to him about honors admissions to MSSU, get an application, we start discussing what I want to do. He...didn't exactly tell me, but strongly implied that there is no market here for an independent music store/venue because "we have Walmart".


Then, I explain that I was wondering if it was possible to switch from an elementary office aide first hour to a HS library aide first hour. Why? Well, the main reason I told him was that I keep missing out on senior meetings and stuff during first hour, because they announce it over the intercom and I'm all the way over in the elementary. Which is true. The other stuff I didn't mention is that

a. I really really don't want to walk all the way over there and back once it gets veryfreakingcold
b. I'm sure that all the little kids are going to be one big virus come the winter, I get pretty sick sometimes without the help of lots of little sugar-pumped germs running around to help me
c. some of the people kind of annoy me and they get in arguments while I'm there which are mildly awkward. that and they make semi-rude comments at points. also I'm tired of listening to their choice of radio station. (guesses, anyone?)

But anyways, I thought it was a fairly menial request. I don't do anything over there anyways except for read and put up the flag. His response is "well, let's talk to [the high school secretary] about fixing that." I'm like, uh, okay. We go to her, and she goes (very snotty too, like I personally offended her by saying something) "What, your classmates don't say anything to you?" "Um, yeah, but I still miss whatever it was and sometimes that leaves me little lost, and sometimes they just forget to tell me." (something like that, don't remember) "WELL, I send the bulletin out every day to every single staff member, even the nurse (right, this affects me...how?) so they should tell you when something is going to come up. I mean, I send it out at about nine."


First hour ends at 9:07. I normally start walking back to the high school at nine or thereabouts. Whatever the meeting is is usually in the middle of first hour.

Yeah, that will definitely solve the problem. They can tell me about it when I'm already gone and it's already happened.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP. You certainly made an effort to understand what I was trying to get across and did something about it. Something effective, yessiree.

Would it be so much harder to stick me in the library for crying out loud? talk about your frustration...

DECA trip tomorrow. I guess the upside is that I get to go to Springfield and eat at Incredible Pizza. Downside, incredibly anal dress code. I'll change as soon as the speaker's done, so I guess it's all good.


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