Tuesday, November 21, 2006

so I have a day off for like the first time in almost two weeks, I think. I thought I had one yesterday and it turns out the schedule at Journey's got changed. So I went in from 2-6:30ish and then was back from 9-10:30 for the staff meeting (and helping Andy with stockroom work some).

conclusion: work...sucks.

umm...let's see. Saw Casey and Kassie yesterday. and two of my cousins.

House was DEPRESSING tonight.

the Minneapolis trip (the one perk of DECA) is next weekend...that should be cool. I'm looking forward to having a freaking HUGE Journey's to use my discount on. muahahaha! Which is why
I'm going to try not to spend a whole lot of money on black Friday. I want to trade in my DS for a DS Lite and get a few new games. maybe some cheap DVDs. but that's it! really it is!

it should be nice because I get my first paycheck at JM on Thursday (or Friday, I think it's Thurs. at midnight since I have direct deposit) and my paycheck for Journey's on Wednesday at midnight. so I'll actually have spending money.

I don't really LIKE Joe Muggs, there are parts of it that are good, but for the most part I just kind of feel ehhh towards it. I'm getting to where I can at least talk to the people I work with which is good. I dunno, I just don't think the food industry and I work together well. But I really need the money, so unless/until I get another job secured then I'm just going to be stuck there. What with wanting to move out at the end of the year and all. I think I'll stick around for holiday stuff definitely, and maybe a month or so after that to see if it calms down a whole lot and if that significantly affects stuff. If not, I'll start the whole fun job searching process again. (and next time, end up with someplace that DOESN'T close at midnight...)

I find it kind of ironic, because the whole working retail thing makes me just want the holidays over ASAP. I like Thanksgiving. Kind of. In principle. I like the giving thanks part of it. I don't like the mass genocide and fibs. Or all the turkey. Never was a big fan of turkey. And the whole giving thanks thing is made incredibly ironic by the mass consumerism the day afterwards. "hey...we're super-thankful for what we have, but let's GO BUY MORE!" just doesn't make a whole ton of sense.

And don't get me started on Christmas. All this crap about the war on Christmas, oh no we can't shove propaganda down childrens' throats, there's so little religion associated with the season any more (or, truly associated, not just "hey it's Hannukah/baby Jesus/Yule/whatever, now let's get some PRESENTS") that it's not even funny.

Yeah so I have no idea where I'm going with this and half of that probably didn't make any sense. Oh well. I posted, you can't complain now.


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