Friday, December 01, 2006

so this weather is CRAZY. Apparently the storm hit everywhere, they were saying on the news that if you get in a wreck, so long as nobody's hurt don't call the police. Ouch, not very comforting....I guess it hit as far down as Texas and as far up as Illinois. Yeah, our trip got cancelled. Hopefully I'm still going shopping tomorrow. Because I will go freaking crazy stuck in this house all weekend. Some 400,000 people in St. Louis are without electricity. Now that is some crazy shit.

and, I have no work...nothing...for the whooooole weekend. already clocked in too many hours on my DS, read Fray (which is awesome in the extreme /end geekiness), watched waaay too much tv plus Serenity...hence the want to go shopping.

Getting my hair cut sometime soon...since I have nothing to do I might call Shannon and see if we can reschedule for Sunday instead of Tuesday.


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