Sunday, October 16, 2005

This weekend has been fairly eventful so far. In a good way(again, so far).

It was announced Friday that the Ren Faire trip(scheduled for Saturday) was cancelled. Nice to know so far in advance. It was okay, though, because Lydia's dad said he'd take her, Jessica, and me up there. Anyways, we went to see Macon at Dioko's. I'm sitting there on the couch with Spencer(also Jessica and Brian) when this person I don't recognize comes up and goes "Oh, hey Michelle!!" was my boss from Carver. eeeeeesh. One of them, anyways. So we talked for a few minutes and then I said something to him about Jessica. And some dude was making fun of me(I think so anyways), because as we were walking out, I saw a poster that said something about bands playing with Macon last night, and one of them was 'Cinna the Poet'. I was like "Oh, I get it, it means the Cinna in Julius Caesar, and he got killed by this rioting mob thing..." Some dude walking by goes "Oh, is THAT the story, well now I know!" or something like that.

I spent the night at Jessica's house and we got up, and rode to the Renaissance Faire in KC. It was freaking awesome. Lydia's dress was sooo pretty, and she said her mom made it from a pattern. So that's what I'm doing next year. But yeah, it was COOL. The stores were great, although I didn't buy much(a little bottle with an ankh on it to hang from my rearview mirror, and some lotus incense) because I figured that a lot of the stuff I could just buy here, since I know where to get it. The one big disappointment of the day was when I saw this guy walking around with a peregrine falcon on his wrist. Anyone who knows me knows that I *love* hawks and falcons. I took a picture and he said that they were giving a presentation on birds of prey at a certain stage at a certain time. He said the stage was shaped like a castle, and it was by a children's area. Guess what? Turn's out there's two that fit that description, on opposite ends of the park. By the time we found the *right* stage, we'd missed it. At any rate, I'm definitely going next year, and now I know how to get to it easily - it's right by the ampitheatre where Warped Tour was at.

Today I'm doing something with Jessica and Spencer, hopefully, at any rate.

I've been contemplating something...I wonder how easy it would be to talk the counselor into it. I think I have a 50/50 chance, depending on whether he's being lazy or asinine.

I'm in 20th Cent. Hist. during 7th hour right now, which is basically a filler class. At semester it turns into Government, which I've already taken. He originally said that if I found an online Latin course, I could take that the second semester. That sounded iffy-ish then, but now, after a few months with my courseload, I know there's NO way I could do that and do well. So, I'm thinking, since I already have art sixth hour, maybe I could just stay in the art room for 2 hours a day, and either work on independent projects or other classes' homework in 7th hour. Mrs. Culp has already ok'ed it.

Considering how he apparently tried to get Lydia to take Art II even though she hadn't taken Art I, I don't think it's that much of a long shot.


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