Tuesday, June 20, 2006

ugh. so, whatever it is (newest theory is flu or something) it hasn't gone away yet. I've now got a mild fever and threw up again at like 11:30. So far I've managed to keep down seven crackers and a jello-cup thingie. and some pop and water. even aside from the upset stomach, my head is absolutely killing me and it feels like someone beat the living crap out of me (aside from the general warped-tour soreness). It hurts to move my neck or shoulders. and I'm running a mild fever, 100 degrees. I can't eat anything good, it's all crackers and blah. can't do my yoga either.

I better be feeling better by the weekend or I shall be angry. either way, no matter what it is, I am NEVER EVER eating McDonald's again(wasn't my choice of food) and I might never eat french fries again period. ughhhhh.

but yeah, warped was awesome. Although the merch dude at the NOFX booth charged me $5 extra and I didn't realize this until the way home. pictures will be up as soon as I get them developed.


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