Monday, June 12, 2006

uuughh...I am never ever EVER drinking Red Bull again. *ever*.

I spent the night at Stacia's house Saturday night...watched movies and late-night TV(including lots of Maximum Exposure, which is like cops and amateur Jackass rolled into one, and the original House on Haunted Hill...which is...stupid). I didn't want to be dead all day so I drank a Red Bull the next morning and I was sick at my stomach most of the day yesterday and still feel kind of icky.

I slept weird too. I went to bed at nineish, woke up at six-thirty, still tired but couldn't sleep. So I got up and wandered around, went back to bed at seven forty five or so, still couldn't sleep. Got back up at eight fifteen, ate a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats, promptly got super-tired and fell asleep in the living room at nine or so, slept until ten thirty, and then moved to my bedroom and slept until eleven thirty. I'm sure you're all fascinated by this. I had weeeeird dreams too. Something about an autistic (I think) kid named Kenya and a lot of tents, and a blue truck.

I watched Jurassic Park yesterday. haha I forgot that I like that movie so much. I think I probably watched it once a week when I was a kid...


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