Thursday, July 06, 2006

soo, I got stuff done anyways today, even with my injured hand. *is proud of self* Also, I have a newfound respect for housewives. Cleaning is EXHAUSTING. I got rid of all the spiderwebs on the ceiling, did ALL of the laundry in the house and then proceeded to fold it, and completely cleaned out half of my mom's bathroom, including the giant bathtub/jacuzzi thingie, which doesn't sound like that much of a feat but is indeed. I don't think anyone had cleaned most of that stuff in FOREVER, I found something with mold growing on it. And the bathtub was filthy. I think that's where I got most of the exhaustion from, you get into some weird positions trying to clean the bottom of a 3 ft bathtub without actually standing in the bottom. Anyways, it's all shiny-sparkly neat now. I also managed to wash all my bedsheets and everything; a good thing considering they haven't been washed in a while haha. And then made brownies and ate them on ice-cream since I did so much cleaning.

Agenda for tomorrow:

-POTC!!! yesssss!
-vacuum the house
-put finishing touches to outfit

We're going to go by the theatre roughly two hours before the movie starts to make sure we get tickets, and then go hang out at the mall. And scare random people probably haha. I think afterwards I'm supposed to spend the night with Jessica or Stacia. it should be fun.

I had WEIRD dreams last night.


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