Monday, June 26, 2006

Jessica got her Warped Tour photos back(I haven't put mine up for development yet) and here's a few of the best ones:

Us at the end of the, sweaty, and thoroughly gross...

Me crowdsurfing to picture there was of it...

El Hefe and Fat Mike. Fat Mike is the one wearing stripes with plaid.

Not much of interest going on. Rather uneventful weekend, etc. umm...Jessica got a new cell phone. That's about the biggest thing that I can recall from this weekend. Pirates of the Caribbean II is coming up and we have a little group of friends going, we're all going to dress as pirates. Shredded pants, corsets under big stripy tops(assuming I can find something corsety looking within my budget. maybe I'll make a duct-tape one). Actually I might not have the big stripy top depending on the budget. and plastic swords. It'll be fun either way. In the way that involves a large amount of people looking at you as though you're absolutely insane.


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