Sunday, August 13, 2006

ouch. so I half-fell off a ladder today at work and landed entirely on one foot and it has been KILLING me ever since. oooooowie.

I've got Monday and Tuesday off once again...dunno what I'm going to do. tomorrow will probably be an inside cleaning my room organizing things day, because my clothes are all a mess and I need to figure out where everything's at haha. also I have two new shirts(V for Vendetta and TMNT) shirts to mutilate so that they fit me. Tuesday, I want to go to the movies or do *something* since it's the last day before school. Jess has to work in the evening though. I kind of want to see the Descent, because I keep hearing it's good. either that or Ricky Bobby. I dunno...we'll see.

this concludes the oh-so-interesting blog post. yup.


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