Thursday, September 28, 2006

soo I had the best birthday I've had in a long time. school was easy/almost fun, I went and got the linework done for my tattoo (because of the position - my hip - and the fact that it was my first tattoo, he thought it'd be better to do it in two I agree, for sure). it looks awesome. I might post pictures but I think that would embarass my mother, given the location haha. I then went and showed like everyone I knew at the mall (or, everyone I know that's on my nice list), then went and got Dial and Lubriderm at Target. I'm so happy with it. and then I came home to nummy vegetarian lasagna and cake, courtesy of my wondermous mom. I'm probably going to watch Grey's Anatomy and then go to bed. oh, and I won five bucks and a ticket in the lottery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

6:28 PM

Anonymous casey said...

dirty gambler! :p

9:57 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

thanks you guys, especially Casey :P

8:09 AM


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