Tuesday, September 12, 2006

okay, so, warning for all you people that go to school with me, if I snap at anyone, most likely it's not your fault.

(keep in mind I said mostly, if you're being a jerk it's justified in my mind :P)

the week from hell took a break on Sunday and then came running back with a vengeance. to tackle and smush me. there was a fierce battle cry involved as well I'm pretty sure.

half the time I don't know if the issue is that I'm being too assertive, because if I don't say something later, I feel like I'm being walked all over, or if everyone else is changing. I dunno, in specific it's only happening with one or two people so it could be either thing. so yesterday I had a rather hellish day at school, get home, go into town trying to find Electric Art (because the other tattoo artist stopped returning my calls) I get there and the artist I wanted to talk to isn't there. great. blah blah blah, all sorts of other crap, I had really %$@#ed up dreams last night so I woke up in a cranky mood, Zach was not entirely in his parking spot and I guess I didn't see this in my tiredness and compensate for it, so my front license plate fell off. I missed the DECA meeting. I have to get up extra early tomorrow for AQT practice. I'm sore all over, especially in my shoulders which hurt like hell. Everyone's getting on my nerves, and things aren't going the way I wanted them to in just about any area of my life right now. whine whine whine, I know...

blah. on the upside, I finished my hat in art. and it looks cute.

this amused me:

Somewhere in heaven, a very groggy, very confused angel has just woken up and is trying to figure out why a boisterous Australian man is poking it with a stick.

from some random person on LJ.

and on the same subject (well, not at all really), but a thought provoking entry on some other random person's.

so now I'm going to find something to do that doesn't involve violence of any sort as a stress reliever...or yelling at people....yeah I'm going to go do chores and then try and get ahold of the artist. I sure as hell hope everyone else is having more fun than I am right now...


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