Sunday, September 17, 2006

uneventful weekend. I had to work yesterday, which made me sad because Everett called me wanting to do something. but of course, there's nobody to cover for me. Anyways, last night was just a good night for weirdos or something. we had a bunch of stupid people. and this really creepy guy who wouldn't stop staring down my shirt. eeeyuck. and talking about how he was going to go partying in his new clothes/shoes. yeah you're cool, really.

I know it's my last year but I continue to get increasingly annoyed with the school. Alicia's fiasco cracks me up. She's right, though. (that'd be Alicia) I don't understand why we're expected to jump through hoops to do boring tests that take up time that could otherwise be used on actually learning something, and take up even more time because half the teachers, instead of having an actual curriculum, take out time to prepare specifically for those tests with redundant homework (which, by the way, doesn't that contradict the point of the test? if you're preparing specifically for them, instead of having a normal curriculum...). Especially when, with a lot of the high scorers, they're scoring high because they're intelligent, which has nothing to do with the school.

Plus the unprofessionalism of the teachers pisses me off sometimes. I guess one of them went off on a rant on Friday (or maybe Thursday, I honestly don't remember) about how WalMart is evil because it's giving some benefits to the partners of gay employees. Hm. Interesting, and so incredibly good Christian of this woman, to find them evil because of that, and not because of the underpaid sweatshop child labor in third world countries and such. I guess she also went on a big rant about how Halloween is evil last year. I know teachers are allowed to have opinions, but I think it's incredibly wrong and unprofessional to say things like that in class in such a vehement way...she was getting in an argument with one of my friends about it. One of the reasons Mr. Withers and Mr. T are/were (well, still is, but don't have him in class any more) my favorite teachers was because they have the ability to lead a class discussion, while sometimes throwing in their opinion, without making the students feel like they're outright wrong, or turning it into a most-of-the-class-and-the-teacher vs. a few students thing. Not to mention that at least in their class, debate was called for, where I really don't see how homosexuality or WalMart has any place being brought up in a foreign language class. just, y'know, my thoughts.

so I woke up to thunder this morning. sheesh that was loud. my obvious statement of the day...

and now bed, or phone, whichever comes first...


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