Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Just got home from running around...gotta love the comments some of Alicia's coworkers make. And then when I left and paid (I'd got a roll and a drink) her manager, who I had previously thought hated me with a fiery fiery passion, gave me a discount. Weird stuff.

I stopped by Hobby Lobby to get some yarn to make hats for Jessica and Shane - Jess wants a hat with cat ears like I did for Megan for Christmas, except in black and blue (I did Megan's in black and gold for school colors). Shane wants a beanie with gold fun fur type edging. Which I undercharged him for, silly Mormon better appreciate it. Anyways, I also picked up a pair of bamboo knitting needles on clearance (going back tomorrow, because I get paid and there's more) with the flexi-end things. The long ones are just too awkward for my hands and way too hard to hold after being used to a crochet hook. I have decided that, come hell or high water, I am GOING to learn how to knit. Not because I don't like crocheting (I have a feeling I might end up preferring it in the end, using more yarn or no), but just because it bothers me that I don't know how. So, I also traded in some books at Eccentrix and got the first Stitch-N-Bitch book. Again. Probably my own damn copy that I sold them a while ago when I gave up. It'd be great if I had high speed internet so I could download the videos at, but unfortunately, I can't. Can't do it on the school's computers either(was going to put it on my 1 GB flash drive). And when I went to the library every single computer was totally used up and looked like it'd be that way for a while. Ideas anyone? I'll probably just have to wait until I get my laptop (belated Christmas present, or early graduation present, however you want to look at it, from my parents) and go someplace with wifi.

After that I went to Alicia's place of work. As read above.

I have a feeling I'm going to really really hate the group of people in my Economics class. There's these two sophomore girls who get on my nerves SO EFFING BAD that after the first ten minutes of class I was thinking "duct tape...need some duct tape...".

It cracked me up because I brought in my crocheting to school today - figure I can work on it in art, and that way get credit for the stuff I make and start working on inventory to sell (so far, have a headwrap thing and a hat. yeah I'm doing great.). I did some during first hour too, and had one of the ladies stop and tell me that she thought it was great I was doing it because not a lot of young ladies know how. And another younger one say she wish she knew how, so I offered to bring in a hook and some yarn (got some cheap acrylic lying around) and teach her. Made my heart all fuzzy. Nicer than the "old lady" comments I get in art class sometime. until, of course, someone sees that I actually make nifty stuff, like the cat hat, and they all decide they want one...but y'know, for wal-mart prices. Shane was astonished that I asked $11 dollars for the beanie until I pointed out to him that it'll take me almost two hours to make it, if I go fast, so that gives me less than minimum wage and doesn't even factor in cost of materials. That shut him up pretty quick.

And so now, I'm done with the post that the majority of my readers will probably find extremely boring.


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Ah wifi... how would I survive without it?

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