Tuesday, December 19, 2006

yet another thing added to the Ever Growing List of Things to Get Done on Break (that seems to mostly involve cleaning and organizing...):

clean my car! everyone trashed it the other night and now the backseat (which, as we all know, is the most important part...hahaha just kidding) is covered in Jones soda bottles and other various assortments. ack.

Wednesday...that is, tomorrow...I work 2-8. Need to stop by Pac Sun, Romancing the Stone, and Eccentrix (maybe Vintage Stock?); get applications. Fill them out and probably return them on Thursday after work (I get off at five) while I'm doing my last minute shopping. Y'know what's great about that last minute shopping? I'm just buying stuff to make the gifts haha. One of these years I WILL get everyone's gifts to them before Christmas. Because it hasn't happened so far and it only MIGHT this year; if I meet up with people later in the day on Christmas to give them stuff.

I need to buy an adjustable mannequin of I ever plan on making anything for anyone else. Since it's kind of annoying to have people in your house to try things on. And a head-mannequin or two regardless. I have no idea where to buy those at though (I know at least that I can get an adjustable mannequin at the Jo-Ann's website, or maybe in the store, but I'm on the mailing list so I get like 40% off website stuff). And no idea where I'd keep them since mannequins kind of freak me out. (it's a quirk, ok?) Maybe I should check the Salvation Army. I haven't been to there or the DAV in a while. That's one of the other things I should do this break, have a thrift-store day...

However, there is the issue that I have no place to PUT any of this. My craft corner already is threatening to swallow the kitchen whole (something my mom is not entirely happy about, to say the least...*cough*). I just don't have anywhere to PUT all of it. Cleaning that up should probably be on my projects-for-break list too. Eep.

This is the most pathetic example of someone trying to use sex to sell something I've seen in a LONG time.

so, the reoganized list for break:
-do something for myself, completely and selfishly
-make something for myself and nobody else
-finish up my Christmas gifts and get them to most everyone before the end of break
-clean up my room
-go through photos and put them in my (NEW, that Lydia thoughtfully got me :) ) scrapbook
-be happy for five minutes at least
-clean up/reorganize my documents on the computer, along with bookmarks
-clean/wash car
-attempt to clean up crafty/sewy area
-work on/go through with my idea(s) for selling the crafty things
-have a thrift store day


Anonymous .ck. said...

that ebay thing is funny! oi.

I think you can get used mannequins at auctions, or flea markets/antique stores, if you hit the right ones. If I see one when I'm wandering around with Cindy I'll check it out for you...

10:05 AM


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