Sunday, January 07, 2007

the trip to Springfield went well. Got new shoes, met cool new people, etc. etc. Saw The Prestige today and talk about a mindf--- movie. It's worse than Donnie Darko and Fight Club combined. Afterwards me and Stacia went to Subway and then to the mall. This conversation proceeded at Subway:

Stacia: So the other day I was cooking...yeah, I've got all into cooking now. I bake. I'm a baker.
Michelle: Did I tell you I can knit now?! I'm a knitter AND a crocheter!
Stacia: Oooh, cool!
*short pause*
Michelle: This is probably the dorkiest conversation we've ever had.
Stacia: Possibly the dorkiest ever recorded by mankind.

ahhh I love my friends, they make my heart happy :)


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