Friday, February 01, 2008

Matt was supposed to get his van today...he was going to do financing from a local bank (the place he's getting it from is up by Branson West). They knew he was from out of town and said it was fine. So we drive the two hours up there and then spend literally 30 minutes looking for the bank because the guy from the car place gave us bad directions. We get in there, she tells us processing the stuff will take about 30 minutes so we should go get something to eat or something and she'll call Matt's phone when it's ready. About fifteen minutes later we get a phone call saying that she knows they said that they could work with him, but they can't because he's out of their jurisdiction. He DIDN'T get the van today, who knows when he will finally (I am so sick of those curvy roads, they make my head hurt), and we drove 2 hours there and back for nothing. GRR.

the only small plus side, on the way back we stopped at this little mom and pop pizza place and it was REALLY good. They were also super-nice to us, it improved all of our moods (Coni came with us too).

my throat hurts, I've got some kinda cough/virus and it's unpleasant. It's really annoying that it's started getting worse today (it's been on/off for the last two days or so, I thought I was almost done with it), because I don't have another day off until next Tuesday. Monday is going to be a lot of fun, school 9-3 and then work 3:30-7:45. Exciting stuff.

I'm in general just really tired and worn out all together, even though all I did was get my check and deposit it, go grocery shopping (and drop $20 on school supplies/uniform stuff *grumbles*), and then sit in a car for 4-5 hours. And be cranky, hah. I think I'm just going to go to bed soon.

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Blogger leo said...

Hi, I just checked out via your comment. It is quite amusing. Gracias.

8:08 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

haha it's awesome :D I drive Matt crazy with cat-macro talk hahaha...

3:57 PM


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