Tuesday, August 21, 2007

before I forget, new hair:

the part where it's light pink in the photos is now a magenta/hot pink type color. my favorite reaction so far? when I stopped at the BIGALA table (on Sunday at the fair/expo thing) to say hi to a friend and the guy behind the table goes "I just LOVE your hair. All the colors are so bright. And the orange eyeshadow sets it off PERFECTLY....and I totally realize that is the gayest thing I've said all day."


aside from that, after two days of college and experiencing all my classes....

it's not as bad as I thought it would be, but not as good as everyone else made it out to be. at least, so far.

I didn't meet anyone yesterday and I was just kind of blah on the whole thing. IDS is going to be a boring class that I just need to get out of the way, but at least the dude teaching it is nice. Intro to Religion is going to be interesting, and the CTM class will be all right. the teacher is this very sweet old lady. and some of the girls are nice, some seem a little standoffish/snobby.

today was much better. I went and got a parking permit, and then headed to Intro to Psych. Somehow, I totally missed the building, so I stood off to the side of the sidewalk, digging in my bag (which btw, messenger bag? BAD IDEA. ow, my poor poor shoulder) trying to find a map, and I hear someone go "hey, you should go to the punk show on Friday!" I turn around and there's a dude with a Reel Big Fish shirt handing me a mini-flyer, I glanced at it after I took it and was like "yeah, I already am, but uh, can you tell me where Hall is at?" so he gave me directions and I thanked him and ran off that way. Psych is a pretty big class, but I think it should be interesting. So long as the prof doesn't already hate me, my phone went off in class (Jessica, even though I just got off the phone with her like an hour before that because I HAD TO GO TO CLASS...sigh). And when I went to talk to her right after class (somehow, I ended up with the eighth edition of the textbook, instead of the seventh, go figure) the first thing she said was "Nice hair...and you are?". Hopefully that wasn't in a sarcastic way. heh.

After Psych was another Fashion class, except this one isn't a lab, it's an industry/etc. type class. looks interesting, and there's a nice girl in there named Heather I started talking to. she might be switching out of it though since she switched to an anthropology major over the summer. I hope not because I don't exactly fit in in my fashion classes, hahaha.

theeeen that class got out early, so I went and got some pizza because I was STARVING. Then I went to 2-d Design. It looks...bleh, not exactly fascinating but not too bad. the teacher seems nice.

although, I'm kind of annoyed, because between that class and my fashion sewing class, I'll probably have to spend $100 on supplies. And I just got done doing the "yay no more education-money spending for me! I'm relatively financially stable now!"


Anyways, I get out of Art and walk outside, and run into the guy from earlier, except he has a friend with him. We stopped and talked for a while, and this chick walked by with a Flogging Molly shirt on, so they're like "hey! you should come to this! and bring your friends!" "well, I might come, but I don't have any friends." me: "well now we're your friends!" Megan (for that was the girl's name): "yay! I keep trying to be friendly to people, I'm like, 'hi my name is Megan, what's your major?' and they aren't being very friendly back...it makes me sad" me: "yeah, well, at least you can DO that to people, if I did that to people they'd run the other direction!"

haha. and then Alicia walks up and is like "Hey! I know her!". small world, eh?

yesterday was mostly uneventful, lots of working at HT, and then today was also boring. oh well what can ya do? I feel kinda crappy and I'm not sure why, but my throat is killing me! blah. no classes 'til Monday though :D

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You still have the same phone right? (keep in mind that I do not maen this in a mean way) If you think she's likely to call you during class again there's a blocking feature that'll take her straight to voice mail and it won't ring.

2:45 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

oh yeah, I've been setting my phone on silent since then. I was just in a rush to find the building on Tuesday and almost got lost, so I forgot. But that incident has made me remember to set it on silent every other time I head to class :P

11:36 AM

Blogger glittorgirl said...

Cool hair! I remember back in the day when my hair was every color of the rainbow...ah, the good old days!

11:57 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

thanks :D

9:49 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I lurve your hair!!

8:26 AM


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