Thursday, February 28, 2008

oh that's the other thing I was going to post and forgot about -

the last few times I've gone down main I noticed a new salon and I thought it looked interesting, but it was closed every time I went by. I saw it was open today and I stopped in and talked to the owner/receptionist and the hairstylist there, and they were both VERY nice and told me they loved my hair - I believe her name was Melanie and she said she'd have an opening for part time receptionist around May, so I'm definitely going to apply for that. I also asked about jobs once I got out of school and her exact words were "Oh, no, your hair wouldn't be a problem! Tattoos, piercings, hair. The crazier the better!"


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Anonymous leo said...

By the way, your hair looks awesome. I love the bright purple.

2:15 PM


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