Friday, April 21, 2006

Haha. So Mr. T mentioned my new blog, Unwise and Untimely, in his blog yesterday night/evening(didn't check the timestamp). I hadn't actually got around to mentioning it on here yet, though. I wanted to have more than one post, but since I should be making one later today, here ya go. There'll be a link to it on the sidebar from now on.

Stayed home today, MAP day, whoo. Haven't accomplished anything so far(other than weird dreams and waking up some 45 minutes ago). I need to apply at Philly's, according to Jessica, because apparently they only have seven workers and she's the only one working the drive-through and cash register. I should do that later today, and at some point I want to hit Hastings, Dollar General, and Dollar Tree - Hastings for magazines(some combination of Threads, Venus, ReadyMade, and/or Bust), the other two stores for cheap nail polish and hair clips that I can spruce up. Maybe Michael's or something.


Blogger Randy said...

Ron Davis also made a nice mention of you on his Chatter blog and set up a link to your blog.

1:25 PM


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