Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ok. So I lied.

(yes, I really am just THAT bored)

#1 - the Dixie Chicks are cool.

#2 - Zak was a nice guy and uploaded my LA 4 paper to his...webspace...thingie. It's some seven pages when double-spaced, I swear...but if anyone's interested in reading it, it's here. There are probably a few errors I missed, but I'm blaming them all on Zak. muahahaha.


Anonymous casey said...

busy lil blogger today, eh?

8:45 PM

Blogger Zak said...

Blame me for your errors? Your access to free/ad-free hosting is hereby terminated :-p

9:06 PM

Blogger Zak said...

In more important news, I'm back on Michelle's read list.

10:44 PM

Anonymous casey said...

Random Michelle link :P

8:26 PM


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