Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ok. So I *finally* took pictures of the shirts and skirt I made a while ago. No picture of the hat though. Too hot to wear hats anyways, unless I'm just having a REALLY bad hair day. These also double as showing off the (kind of) new haircut more.

The shirt:

It was boxy and didn't fit right when I got it(for some $3 off eBay). Hence the panels at the side, and the straps(which are grommet tape with black fabric under them so that my bra isn't showing through the holes...not like it matters anyways because the straps don't line up in the back; oh well).

The skirt:

(I look like I'm preparing to brutally murder someone...)

Close-up of buttons at front closure and back pocket:

I also have copies of the prom pictures now. Might post some. Except that all the ones of me look horrid. Oh, well, what can ya do? (go work on the shirts I should be working on, but nah, that'd be boring...not really...just require effort...that I'm lacking in)


Anonymous casey said...

is it wrong that the murderous one makes me randy? :P

8:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

like the hair where are prom pictures?

3:35 AM


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