Sunday, April 16, 2006

So...I didn't get to sleep until three or four last night. And I woke up some twenty minutes ago, to Jessica calling. Apparently I sounded drunk on the phone. I was a little out of it 'cause I had some really twisted dreams last night, not that I remember all of them. Probably a result of watching Wonderfalls before I fell asleep and finishing up The Handmaid's Tale before that.

Everything looks emerald outside. I don't know if it was because we had the rain yesterday, or what, but it's so pretty and bright green it hurts my eyes. It looks like green glass suncatchers, even if a lot of the bigger trees haven't got their leaves back yet. The dogwoods are blooming too...I love this time of year. Everything's all green and growing and pretty.

Jessica got her hair CHOPPED OFF yesterday. Like, it was as long as mine was(before I got it cut, which is about mid-back), and now it's just under her ears. Very cute though. And works well straightened/flipped out or wavy(looks like a flapper cut wavy, but in a good way). While we were there I was checking out the Catwalk Curls Rock stuff...I need to get some, because my Matrix shampoo and conditioner are running out, and that was what the person cutting Jessica's hair recomminded. Except it's so expensive, it'd be 30-someodd dollars for shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in-moisturizer. More than that if I wanted the amplifier stuff. Looks like it's not tested on animals though, which is a plus. But I still need a job to pay for all of it.

Speaking of jobs, still no word back from JoAnn's. Not so sure I want to get hired there though, because according to Cindy they're really reluctant to let people off and one of her friends had issues working there. I called Mr. Bulky's back, got ahold of the manager, and she said she'd call me back...actually sounded like she meant it too.

Need to go shower now...


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