Sunday, April 16, 2006

Soooo...we really didn't do anything. Kind of wandered around Joplin, looking for someplace with AC that was free to hang out at. None of our Joplin friends were home. Phooey to them. We loitered at BAM for a while, talking to girlypants(aka Jordan), and drinking our mocha whatever they were. We ran into this guy in the parking lot wanting to know if we were registered voters in Missouri so that we could sign a petition to raise the minimum wage and another one about something else I didn't quite catch. We saw someone else in the parking lot of Wal-Mart(no, I didn't buy anything, we basically walked inside, played with the giant bouncy balls, and walked back out - that's how bored we were), and I had the presence of mind to tell him that I thought it was cool they were doing something, even if I forgot to tell the first one. Oops.

While we were in Hastings I saw a flyer for a Take Back the Night event(?? can't think of a better word) that's going on at MSSU on the 28th at 7 pm. I think if I can find someone who wants to go with me I'll go, because it sounds interesting and I want to see what they're like.

That and the voter thing have me thinking again. Always a bad thing, I know. I guess for all the apathy(which I still don't understand), there are some people getting up and doing or saying SOMETHING. I wish I would have had the thought to ask the petition people if they were affiliated with any organization so I could look it up and see where they stand on the other issues, it'd be nice to know what else they're pulling for so maybe I could get involved. In the meanwhile, MFA still hasn't put Warped Tour KC on their site, so I can't sign up to volunteer yet.

It is so freaking hot outside. If this is our spring, I do NOT want to know what summer will be like. I hope it rains during Warped.


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