Friday, April 14, 2006

*random moment of relatively generic teenage girliness*

I saw the video for "A Little Less 'Sixteen Candles', A Little More 'Touch Me'" today by Fall Out Boy. I have to say, it was awesome. And Pete looks FREAKING HOT(more so than usual) as a vampire. Holyyyy crap. *drools all over keyboard just thinking about it*

Relatively uneventful past three or four days. Lots of testing. Annoying testing with stupid questions and stupid prompts and just general idiocy. I spent the night at Jessica's house last night, and we decided, among other things, that Predator is the ghost of Jamaicans past. Or something, I don't really remember. I had a beyond-screwed-up dream(dunno if it was inspired by sleeping on the couch or what) that consisted of a bunch of random people from school. We were all getting apartments together or something. There was a big white room with these two towers(like the old bird's nest on the playground in like, kindergarten). I found a kitten, and Cole was the only other person who thought it was cute and wanted to keep it. Then he accidentally dropped it, and it went and hid in a dresser. I found it in the dresser, and the next thing I remember is this Night of the Living Dead-esque scenario, where there was a huge warehouse attached to the front of our house. No segue or explanation as to how I got from one thing to another. And it was my family and a few other random people(again with the randomness, there was one of my mom's friends I haven't seen in YEARS there), and everyone kept getting turned into zombies, and we were resorting to Molotov cocktails(only not, 'cause we ran out of bottles) and etc. Somewhere in this, dream-me got shown a flash of a t-rex and a talking velociraptor(don't ask; I don't know) who were headed towards the warehouse, because there are theories(or used to be, haven't read up on dinos lately) t-rexes were scavenger and it was being attracted by the smell of rotting flesh. From the zombies. But the velociraptor was good. Anyways, I saw our dogs in the house and I felt bad for them because I knew we were going to have to leave them. Somewhere in this there was an extremely short thing that was like a movie that cut to huge talking bird-looking things(without me or anyone else in it), and then it went back to the zombies. I told my mom that there was a t-rex on the way to eat the zombies and then we'd be okay and she gave me this look like I was beyond psychotic. Then I woke up, which annoys me, because I couldn't get back to sleep so it didn't have a happy ending.

After laying around for 30 minutes trying to figure out what to do, we watched Grind. Later we went to Wildcat Park with Jesse and messed around for a while. Then we watched....umm...I'm thinking it was mostly Fairly OddParents and I went home before Jess went to work. Yaaaaaay. Exciting.


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you need a creative outlit girl.

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