Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean was awesome. I think the first was better, and the cliffhanger ending sucked, but it was still awesome. It was also bordering on too long, but that might be because all the other shows were sold out so we had to get 10:45 tickets...I don't think we got out of there until 1:30 at least. Of course, they didn't actually start the commercials even until 10:55 and then there was 20 minutes of that, so that definitely helped. Anyways, since we showed up at the theatre at like, six, we had nothing to do. Went and hung around the mall for a while, getting questions as to our pirate oufits (which I got a picture of, shall be posted when the camera gets developed), and then we went to a free outdoor concert at Shifferdecker that Jesse found out about. Cinna the Poet played and were awesome, they seemed impressed with our outfits haha. Anyways yeah it was great but today has been SO FREAKING BORING. ARRRRRRGH. I got home at like 1:15 and haven't actually had anything to do since.


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