Saturday, August 19, 2006

so, yesterday was a rollercoaster. after I left home, I went to the mall, and Amy hadn't got the paychecks yet so I walked down and got the paychecks. I finally got my paycheck, looked at it, and it was less than I expected. I go cash it anyways, and then go to the cell phone place, they wouldn't let me get my phone without my mom there. so I go back to the bank and double-check to see if there's any way I can get a bank account without having to have my mom sign since I'm a month away from my eighteenth birthday. Both of the tellers told me that there was a very good chance I could, and then when I asked about it to the other person (forgot what her title or whatever was), she said no right off. Frustrated and annoyed, I go BACK into the mall and down to Mr. Bulky's because I see they're having a 50% off sale for everything in the store. freakin' sweet. literally. haha. anyways, so I buy a ton of stuff there, while I'm in line I get a call from Amy. "Uh, Michelle, did you take Makala's paycheck, because we have another one here with your name on it." I head back down to Journey's, and it turns out I had another paycheck for like $24 from the first day or two I worked, which explains where the missing money went. The rest of the night was okay-ish, except that I was exhausted. I bought boots for my mom (and new Vans for me, since the Rocketdogs were killing my feet being in them five hours a day), and when I got home they didn't fit. So today, after a rough start to the day, I got them exchanged while I was at work. Work was okay, and then I went and talked to Jess at Spencer's. Went to BAM, couldn't find V for Vendetta, went to B. Dalton (back at the mall AGAIN), couldn't find it there either, so I went to Hastings, where I *finally* found it. Got Jones sodas and went and talked to Scott and Alicia for about an hourish. and had some strawberry lemonade that burned a hole in my throat haha. and then I went home and here I am. the new boots fit my mom, which is good because I didn't want to get them exchanged again. anyways, day that started off bad, went okay, and got much better after work. yay. and hopefully, my blog will at some point get to where I can actually see it on my computer at home. grr.


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