Monday, August 28, 2006

we did cardio in weights today and it SUCKED. yick my legs are still tired.

let's see...yesterday went and got Tammy. Side note; Neosho makes no sense. It's like the person who planned the city got a little kid to scribble all over a paper and then smear dirt on it and went "Ok, there's our street plans!". yeah I got lost. haha. anyways, then we went and bothered all our people at the mall, meandered around, and then went to Bob Evans since Alicia hadn't seen Tammy in a while. where I guess we got her and Scott in trouble (eek, sorry guys!) and got to see the scary dragon lady for ourselves. and she is indeed a scary dragon lady.

umm yeah. I'm not sure if I like the split lunch. it's weird. too quiet. and I think we annoy Alicia haha.


Anonymous casey said...

I believe the correct explanation for Neosho's roads is drunken mule pathes.

9:20 PM


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