Saturday, August 26, 2006

so Pulse is stupid. everything else was great, but the movie was a little dumb - it was like, an hour of death/make-you-jump (ok, made me jump, Scott laughed at me) scenes strung together with a 30 minute attempt at a plot explanation tacked on the end (that still had some jump scenes in it). we were going to go see the Descent but apparently that's not showing any more, so I guess it'll have to be watched at the cheapies. whenever the heck it gets there, it takes freakin' FOREVER. Clerks 2 isn't even out at the cheapies yet. and I didn't get to sleep 'til almost two(we went to the 10:10 showing so I didn't even get home 'til 12:25 or so) and then woke up at like 8:45. gr. oh well, 'twas worth it. I'm not that tired anyways. and I'm currently rotting my teeth on the last of the stash from Mr. Bulky's. dammit, I'll have to go buy more before work. if they're still open.

yeah so I have nothing else to say...I'm so fascinating...


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