Thursday, August 24, 2006

quick rundown of the week:

sunday: went to Buffalo Wild Wings with Jess/Minkus/Minkus's mom. not a great choice for a vegetarian. I had potato wedges. at least they were good.
monday: nothing.
tuesday: went to see Ice Age 2 with Scott. had fun, good movie.
wednesday: worked 5-9, bleech. stockroom crap. got my phone in the mail but had to charge it so it didn't activate 'til this morning.
today: CRAPPY day at school. very crappy. it was like someone goes "hey let's have everyone say asinine things at lunch and then they can go off at each other, it'll be like dropping a string of firecrackers in a barrel of rats, BWAHAHAHAHA." and then I get home, I thought me and Tammy(Tammy and I, wtf-ever) were going to do something but she had to babysit kids so she couldn't. so I go over at some point to Bob Evans and proceed to be entertained by Scott and Alicia, which was somewhat of the cheering up nature. I go say hi to Tammy and give her my old phone (she got a new Cingular phone so she just switched the SIM card) and we talked at her house for a little while and then I went home. and I was supposed to work on my TMNT shirt because I need to make it, but I'm too tired to. so I guess I'll make it tomorrow when I get home. and I need to find some project to drag to school to do in advanced art 'cause I've got nothing. probably some kind of crochet since the sewing machine we have in the art room is ancientish. and I'm not sure if I can work it without completely reading the manual. also the difficulty with making something at school is that I'm used to being able to change shirts while standing at the sewing machine to see if the new shirt is coming along okay. while I don't really care, I don't think that'd go over too well in the art room. that sucks because I could really use the extra time. I'll think of something yes I will.

and now, night.


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