Friday, September 29, 2006

Michelle ate 27 hotdogs in 5 minutes

Michelle died 3 minutes later
'What will your Headline be?' at

hahaha. so long as they were veggie dogs.

I'm *really* glad we decided to do the tattoo in two sittings. it's still sore today. but I got a lot of compliments on it, even though it is only half done. It feels REALLY weird to wash it...'cause I'm supposed to wash it three times a day, and I only shower once in the morning, obviously. and the rest of the time, the water is COLD and it's just a really weird sensation. I can't wait 'til the 26th. Jessica got her eyebrow pierced, and it looks quite cute. anyways, I decided I will post the picture from yesterday right after I got it doesn't show anything anyways:

the top of the arc of the stars is about even with my bellybutton, and the hieroglyphs would normally be under my pants.

oh and kudos to Lydia for the bday pressie of a TMNT backpack. with compasses! haha it's awesome.

I'm having super bad pizza cravings. I'm going to go get some later when I go into town for some other stuff too. maybe I'll do a Buffy and pizza night by myself if I can get my brother and dad off the tv.

it's already too cold for my taste. blah! I'm going to migrate.

I got a letter from MSSU the other day about how I qualify for the honors program. and that if I get in the honors program and in some other scholarship I qualify for, I get a full ride with books/room and board included...not bad. but I reeeeeeally do not want to live on campus unless it's in one of the apartment dorms. I dunno.

*goes off to find something to do until she leaves*


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