Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mostly an uneventful week. Stayed home from school on Thurdsday due to icky-feeling-ness. Friday, short day, boring and again, uneventful. After school, went to the mall, got my check and my 'hoochie heels' (what Amy was calling them). went back home, boredom boredom, went to hang out with Jesse and Jess, was supposed to go to to the carnival with Scott, but that got cancelled (or rather, postponed to tonight) due to late closingness. Jesse said it was really crappy anyways, so maybe we'll just go to the movies or something. Lady in the Water and Click are in the cheap theatres and it seems like everyone I asked said both of those were either really good or really stupid, so hey...The Wicker Man is out now, and I still want to see Beerfest and Accepted. and maybe Snakes on a Plane. but it'll depend on what he wants to long as it's entertaining whatever it is. and now I'm going to go eat more french toast...oh wait, freedom toast, my bad...


Anonymous casey said...

Watched Accepted last night... and it was pretty good... besides, any movie with S.H.I.T. college has to be funny :P

... Lady in the Water was surprisingly good, it had an actual plot line, which is a first M. Night i think :P

12:17 PM


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