Sunday, September 03, 2006

today...not so much a good day. yesterday was fine. got called in to work, but it went by fast so I didn't mind (plus Makala wanted me to cover for her so bad she said she'd give me ten bucks, so...yeah). after work, bit of a role reversal because Scott was waiting on me instead of vice versa, we went and got Sonic and then went to a concert and saw Jess and Dustin (dude from school) there. fun was had all around. today, was not good for various reasons, some of them personal...went on a freaking two hoursish grocery expedition, got new deodorant that I'm allergic to (which isn't so bad I guess since I think it smells like Veet and this gives me an excuse to not wear it) which is ironic since it was Dove and they always make a BFD about sensitive skin. hopefully tomorrow will be better, probably doing something with Scott again, hope it's not raining...


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