Tuesday, September 05, 2006

aw, so Steve Irwin died. and that makes me sad, because he seemed like a nice guy who was all environmentalist and conservationist, and that's always a good thing. and it's WEIRD because it was a totally freak accident.

“You need to come with me and be with that animal,” I once saw Irwin tell an interviewer on one of his Animal Planet specials, “…because if we can touch people about wildlife, then they’ll want to save it.”

What pisses me off is seeing the sort of stuff Mr. T was talking about happening, with the media. It's horrible that people...it's like they don't even realize he was a person, as soon as he's dead he's just something to be on the news, y'know? They were just showing footage of one of his friends who was with him when he died bawling while being interviewed, and that's ridiculous. Leave the poor man alone. We were in class today and a few of the people were saying "oh yeah I hope they air the footage of him dying" (which, thankfully, looks like it won't happen), and I just want to say, "What the hell?! He has a wife! He has kids! Do you really think they want to turn on the tv and see footage of their FATHER or husband dying?!" For that matter, do you think they want to turn on the tv and see marathon footage of their father/husband/close friend at all? I know people have a right to news, but sheesh, his wife and kids and friends are still around. It'd be nice if someone in the media pretended to care about them and what they want or need, instead of just using everything they can get to get more viewers. What's the point in rehashing things everyone already knows, or worse, sensationalizing it, there was some woman on TV going on about a "vicious attack", yes, I bet that's exactly what he would have wanted being said. Stingrays are normally really shy/nonaggressive and it was just a totally freak accident. Nothing vicious about it.

anyways...going to go see Lady in the Water later with Scott...plans yesterday got called off 'cause he had family stuff. hopefully it's not horrible...


Anonymous fatwonkkid said...

to avenge steve's death, I say we kill all the sting rays! yeah, that is what steve would have wanted! :)

I really don't have a problem with them doing a marathon of his shows. it just reminds us of how awesome he was. the non regular viewers might watch it for the "novelty", and may even learn something.

6:32 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

nah I didn't mean a marathon of the shows...I guess Discovery is doing that and I think that's kind of nice. what I meant was a marathon of "last photo" "last footage" (before the stingray footage), stuff like that, which was what I was seeing on TV before I turned it off.

8:25 PM


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