Monday, December 11, 2006

sooo...I was doing okay until I started overthinking things. As usual.

I have enough hours to squeak by on CCE. Which means I can do it again next semester, which means that as SOON as holidays are over I'm going to start looking for a second job, even though that's a really bad time (maybe a new job altogether, because...)

We had a staff meeting Sunday. I was not very happy after leaving it. Maybe I'm oversensitive, I don't know, but I persistently feel like I'm being treated like crap there because I've been working there the longest by far out of the associates (I've been there since the end of July, closest one is Jordan at mid-October) but all of the privileges or whatnot are going to the other ones. Three 'select employees' were informed that they were good enough workers or whatever to do returns and exchanges (normally only a manager/comanager thing)...yeah, I wasn't one of them. Jordan, guy who's been there about a month, and a girl who has been there about 2 weeks or less were. I know it's not that big of a deal but it royally pisses me off, along with the fact that I felt like I was getting yelled at for a bunch of things I didn't do. It's like they forget I'm an associate or something. I'm fuming because of all of the above and manager says "So, as a participant, did I do a good job or was I too aggressive?"'re asking the person who got screwed over? Say what now?

And...the new girl. I don't know what it is, I don't know if it's that a lot of girls annoy me anyways, or that she acts like she's older or superior to me somehow (she's some 2 months younger than me), or if it's that the comanager used to make this big ruckus about how associates aren't supposed to fraternize with upper management and yet her and this girl go out ALL THE TIME and did before she was hired, still do, or that she flirts obnoxiously with all of the guys, or what (the fact that she has a supremely annoying voice really doesn't help), but after some 4 hours of being around her Sunday I was left wanting to yell and hit things. Already annoyed, but sheesh. Not to mention, there's only so many times I can hear "H, why won't you turn gay for me?" or "H is the love of my life, he just hasn't realized that I'm the love of his yet" before I want to be like "OKAY IT'S NOT CUTE ANY MORE, WASN'T TO BEGIN WITH, SHUT UP". People don't usually get under my skin quite this bad without doing something extremely asinine first, but yeeeeesh.

School is the usual, as I said to Alicia, grr, argh, makes me want to pull my hair. Boring, waste of my time. What else is new.



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