Saturday, February 03, 2007

I'm feeling marginally better. So, like I got ran over with an SUV instead of a truck. although I'm not sure there'd be any arguable difference.

This comic cracks me up. It's like me, except with yarn/needles/hooks/fabric instead of glue and glitter.

I dunno if anyone noticed, but I've added quite a few links to the sidebar. A ton of crafty/knit/crochet links, and some local bloggers that I kept meaning to add but forgot.

If I feel up to it, there's a good chance I'll go thrift-storing tomorrow. I hope I do.

I didn't mention before; as far as commissioned stuff has been going, I'm doing okay. A girl I talk to regularly from a forum I go to wants a cloudy day cloche with a matching scarf, so I'm doing that, Dave wanted a plain black hat for someone with a big head, if I'm allowed to disclose that :P , and Daniel T from school wants a royal purple hat (go figure). Nobody's bought anything for my store yet, but hopefully I'll be able to finish up the commissions tomorrow and then spend next week in art working on some new stuff for my shop.

so now, I'm going to finish this row on the scarf, and then go to bed. maybe with a brownie in between here and there. btw, pizza =/= good flu food.

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