Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ok. So. I read this, and that lead me to this, and I'm not gonna lie, I bawled like a baby. Which means that at least half my tax return (oh crap I was going to file that today and I forgot >_< SuperCrafty store in all likelihood. You should buy some too. Even if you don't knit. 'Cause it goes to that adorable baby's momma. And hey, there's embroidery and stuff too. Also if you're at a total lack of what to all know SOMEONE who could use it...*cough* ;)

Besides which, there's some nice stuff at relatively low prices (the megamart shopper in me cringes, the fiber-geek is all "ooh" and "ahh"), considering.

In the very good news, the scarf and hat set is finished. And it looks damn good, if I do say so myself. Pictures should be coming soon. Although I have to say, that if anyone ever asks me to make a 6"x6' scarf again...I'll charge more. It doesn't bother me so much this time because I know the girl, and because it wasn't her fault that I TOTALLY underestimated the amount of time it would take (I'm thinking it added up to something like 10-12 hours total). Hah, I'm such a whiner. This is why I rarely tackle big projects. Although that should be changing soon because I'm planning on doing my first crochet sweater soon. And knit, soon to follow. Aren't you all excited for me and stuff?

But right now I'm taking a teensy(as in, 2 day) break from crocheting that will probably extend until tomorrow because most of the scarf was done on Tuesday when I stayed home sick - message kiddies: something like 8 hours of crocheting in one stint? BAD IDEA. My wrist was killing me until recently. And it's still a little touchy. Yup, I'm a dork. A dorky dorky hooker.

And the other half of my tax return is going to get spent at Simply Fibers in Springfield. If I can *ever* get there. Was planning to go on Saturday, and the weather is supposed to be icky in the extreme. So I might try for tomorrow. Maybe. I dunno.

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