Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Some of our teachers REALLY irritate me.

One in particular. New this year. LA III teacher. I just don't...she has no idea what she's talking about, for one. For another, she contradicts herself. And for another, she forgets things and does just...really stupid/asinine stuff. List:

-said Lydia didn't do her book report, and didn't believe Lydia until she showed the teacher a graded book report
-counted down Ryan 40% for his project being late when he turned it in the day it was due
-didn't count down another student for turning his in two days late
-insists I didn't turn in a set of questions, even though I *know* I did it, but since she told us not to save assignments I don't have it for proof
-also insists I didn't write summaries for two reading days, but I know I did...I haven't been absent on any Fridays, so if I was gone it was on a school event, and I don't think I was...and if I was there, I ALWAYS do them and have done so every bloody Friday I've been at school since freshman year
-sent a student to the office for saying "Jesus" and sent another student for asking why student #1 was sent
-at the beginning of the year, while we were going over an Iriquois creation myth, she suggested that maybe the people who travelled over the Bering Strait brought Taoism with them(because she saw similarities between Taoism and the myth/Iriquois beliefs, and she TOTALLY screwed them both up *so* bad), which is just completely ridiculous.

And so on.

My dog hasn't showed up yet. If anyone sees a Shiba Inu(looks kinda like a mini husky or Akita, only tan), can you get ahold of me?

The pictures Alicia took at Dioko's the other night(actually, I'm just going to put the one up of Spencer, me, Jess, and Brian, 'cause in the other picture of us, we were in pretty much the same pose):

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

More will be coming, I just got the pictures back from the bio trip last Wed. and from our b-day party. But I'm just too freaking lazy to scan them in right now.

I really hope our dog isn't dead...


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