Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sooo...the promised rant.

(keep in mind I'm very tired, very cranky, and may not be as eloquent(hah) as usual)

I'm sitting in the computer lab today during second hour. I hear unnamed persons whispering about something so and so said that was "sooo gross ew" etc. etc. I say, "Who are you guys talking about?" "Oh...the LESBIAN!"(said with a tone of absolute disgust, much like one would say "the COCKROACH")

Oh. How nice.

Unnamed person proceeds to tell me about how the LESBIAN(hey, doesn't she have a name?) said so and so and it was so gross and she was scarred for life. Omigod.

I said, "Well, I like her, she's nice to me."

"She's only nice to you because she wants in your pants, you know that right?"

"Umm...no...she knows I have a boyfriend..."

"Like that makes any difference, you saw how she reacted yesterday at lunch when you said you'd possibly be a lesbian!!!"

(side note: yesterday at lunch I said if an Army recruiter called I'd tell them I was gay, among other things, to get them to leave me alone. The LESBIAN found this funny and gave me a hug.)

"Nooo...I said I would say I was a lesbian to get rid of an army recruiter..."

"Well whatever, she's still only nice to you because she wants in your pants."

"Not really, and I like her, she's my friend."

At this point the bell rang.

This whole thing pissed me off. Really very much so. I wasn't sure how to react to this, because of all people I would think UP wouldn't be so homophobic. I was disappointed to say the least, because she claims she's not. And she doesn't even know this person, at all.

I just don't get it. Why say you're something you're not? At least ****ing admit it and get it over with. Which brings me to another topic. It strikes me as amazingly akin to saying "Oh, I have no problem with gay people, so long as they keep it to themselves."

No. No. That makes no sense. That's like saying "I have no problem with vegetarians, so long as they keep it to themselves", or "I have no problem with Muslims, so long as they keep it to themselves", or Jews, or any other group of people. Although, if it was most other groups, that statement would be greeted with horror or aghast looks, instead of nods and agreement. They shouldn't HAVE to keep it to themselves, any of them. That's what America is supposed to be about, you stupid "patriots". Not having a problem with a group of people means not having a problem with them, at the least, mentioning it in conversation or making a joke about it. Don't be so bloody uptight and freak out at every single thing. You see, *GASP* someone mentioning belonging to one of the aforementioned groups...that's not going on and on and on about it. I can see being annoyed if all a person talked about was gay pride, or animal rights, or Allah, but talking about it on occasion, when it comes up, or the aforementioned jokes? It's like...everyone claims they don't have anything against a certain group of people, but they actually meet a member of that group, and they nitpick looking for anything to dislike that person over. Oh no, she said one thing about the bigger school she came from! What a snob! Oh no, she made one joke about karma! What conceit! It's not like, you know, OTHER people ever make jokes about their religion. But apparently when the cockroach scum does it, it means she's conceited and trying to force her religion on others. Why? She's DIFFERENT, of course.

Then they refer to them by the group label, instead of name, but oh no! They're not bigoted! What the hell, people? Get a LIFE for the love of all things good and holy and stop worrying about everyone elses'.

And FFS do NOT talk around me about how bad my friends are. I do NOT do it to others out of respect. I would hope the same decency would at least be afforded to me, but I guess not. I just have to say I'm totally disgusted with how some people, who I'd normally think are decent enough, are handling recent events.

Moving on to happier(err...not really) things.

I gave blood today. It wasn't...well...it wasn't as bad as I thought, but that's not saying much. They couldn't find the vein at first and had to move it a little bit. When they moved the needle it *hurt*. I was holding Stephanie's hand at the time with my eyes squeezed shut(also with an apparent death grip on her hand), while she was going "Oh...calm down! Think of...the Clash! Think of London Calling! Think of London!" (she's a cool freshman with good taste in music) and all of a sudden, "Ooo! You're bleeding! It looks like purple kool-aid!" It was gross. I touched the bag and it was all warm. I was okay at the beginning of the blood being taken, but in the middle I got very woozy and nauseous. At the end I was okay as well, I stood up and walked over to the food table. Ate some pizza, and after about five minutes I suddenly felt like crap, which continued off and on for...well...the rest of the night really. Headachey, veeeeery tired, alternately too hot or too cold, dizzy spells. I feel much better after eating a lot though.

Poor Jessica. She actually passed out. Twice, I think.

Anyways, that's it for tonight. Hopefully a relatively entertaining read.


Blogger fatwonkkid said...

The irony of these girls...I bet in college, they will be the exhibitionist sluts hammered out of their minds at college frat parties, making out with other girls so that the guys go crazy.

But they will write it off as "they were experimenting" :D

6:41 AM


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