Thursday, November 03, 2005 I cannot believe what I just read.

Rape victim denied morning after pill

"After a sexual assault one recent weekend, a young Tucson woman spent three frantic days trying to obtain the drug to prevent a pregnancy, knowing that each passing day lowered the chance the drug would work. While calling dozens of Tucson pharmacies trying to fill a prescription for emergency contraception, she found that most did not stock the drug. When she finally did find a pharmacy with it, she said she was told the pharmacist on duty would not dispense it because of religious and moral objections."

This is just beyond ridiculous. I would suggest that maybe the pharmacist actually find a job they can CARRY OUT. Not to mention....what kind of SICK person would deny a freaking rape victim contraceptives? "Oh, no, I can't give you contraceptives because you're a dirty woman who got yourself into that situation on your own and if YOU don't want to bear a psycho's kid, then by God, you shouldn't have gone and got yourself raped!!!!"

The whole situation is utterly ridiculous. If I got hired at Subway, but refused to serve a customer meat because it was against my moral and/or religious obligations, my happy hippy ass would be fired quicker than you can say "bible-thumper". But noooooo, in the name of whatever-they're-calling-it, please, let them deny a rape victim contraceptives. Let's make her wait a little longer. It's ridiculous when it's a normal woman is refused contraceptives(*gasp* how DARE she be impure), but someone who didn't even have a choice in the matter? What happened to compassion?

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Blogger fatwonkkid said...

I believe there are two classes of "morning after" pills: one that prevents the egg from being fertilized, and one that prevents a fertilized egg from seating properly in the uterus.

Some people think contraceptives are evil, such as the Catholic church. Others believe abortion at any stage is murder.

In the case of the pharmacist refusing to sell the prescription, it could have been his moral inclination to not "assist murder".

I personally don't think most people these days would consider a woman getting raped "her fault". Some people do believe it is an very unfortunate thing, but "why should this new life suffer for it"...

Personally I am not one to think life begins at ceonception, nor do I believe life begins after the baby is born, but that is just my opinion.

11:58 AM

Blogger Michelle said...

But my point is that I don't understand why they're allowed to keep work when they pull stuff like that. If I had religious beliefs that said killing an animal was assisting murder, and refused to serve meat at Subway, I would be fired.

Actually though, I've talked to peple who believe that someone who's been raped needs to repent because it's a sin on their parts too. Don't ask me how that works though.

Either way, I think it's pretty stupid to think life begins at conception. Or, maybe humanity is a better word. And I think not letting a freakin' rape victim have contraceptives because she doesn't want to bear some psychotic jerk's kids is just...wrong.

1:53 PM


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