Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ugh I'm so irritated right now. I want to break a lot of breakable things. And scream extremely loudly.

We went and saw Jarhead yesterday and it was good, funny, not as stupid as I expected.

But yeah, I was out tonight with four of my friends. And maybe I'm just paranoid. Maybe I just have a complex or something. But it seems like when I'm out with two of them I always end up ignored, unless a boyfriend is around. Last night it was okay, because boyfriend was around and other people were around. But today it was those two and somebody else, and it seemed like all freaking night I was either being ignored or I was the one that was getting picked on. Like, we went to Dioko's. I got up twice to get sugar. I came back to find everyone snickering and pixie-stick powder in my coffee. Both times. I drink all the coffee and there were these little plasticy bits in the bottom of it. I said something about it and everyone started snickering. But of course, I was never informed whether they were laughing because they put it in or because I worded it funny or what. And this was only halfwayish through the night. So yeah, that alone would be enough to put me in a pissy mood.

But my ex-boyfriend(who I broke up with on Monday, for various reasons you won't find out unless you have the pleasure of knowing me personally) called me at 6:30 or so. Which is okay I guess. We're on speaking terms and all. It's just really awkward on the phone. And as a friend put it, I think on the phone he just hears "blah blah blah your turn to talk". Anyways. I told him I couldn't really talk because I was out with friends and LeAnn needed to call her mom. He started rambling about how the reason I couldn't hear him was because the phone sucked and so-and-so pissed him off and something else that I couldn't hear, and I was sitting there thinking "well this is great but I just told you I really need to get off the phone", and then I did roughly thirty seconds later. And then he called back at fifteen 'til eight or so. I didn't pick up the phone, because I was still out with friends and it kind of sucks sitting in the backseat of a car trying to keep your hair from going everywhere and talking on the phone as well. Then he called again at 8:20 or thereabouts. I didn't answer. Then my mom called telling me to pick up the phone because he called the HOUSE wanting to know how late I'd be out and when he could call me at the house. And then at 10:20 some unknown number called me and I didn't pick it up, because I know it's horrible but if it was him, I wouldn't have been able to get off the phone for for-freaking-ever.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just in a pissy mood, I don't know why, I was great earlier. But URRRRRRGHHHHHHHH I WANT TO STRANGLE SOMEONE. And break things.

And break more things. And eat something.


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