Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Yay. No school today. Fun fun fun.

Went over to Jessica's house and we sat around from about 10 to 1, watching kid's shows. Things we concluded:

a. Children's shows are disturbing.
b. Some actors(the of-age ones, fyi) on children's shows are actually decent to look at.
c. They put some weird/double entendre stuff in those shows.

After this, we watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail with Shane, Kassie, Lydia, Mike, and Showi(I *think* that's how his name is spelled...). Very amusing movie, at least when I could HEAR it over everyone else talking. (not that I'm annoyed because I was doing a lot of the talking too) I need to rent it again and watch it with nobody around. It was fun, I had a good time. Although I didn't realize I'd spent nearly eight hours there until I went outside and saw how dark it is.

We finished Schindler's List yesterday in class. I was so happy because I had got through the entire movie without crying(though it was really, really hard), but I almost lost it in the last ten minutes(spoilers ahead). When he broke down and started crying, saying he should have sold the car, or the pin, he didn't save enough people...it was hard. And it's amazing to think that it actually happened. People say the human race is bad, corrupt, etc. etc...but there are good people out there, truly good. And those people aren't saints. Schindler was an adulterer. But whatever he did, he saved 1,200 peoples' lives, at the risk of death(or worse). He got nothing about of it. He lost nearly everything(material) by doing it. Yet he did. Stories like that make me have faith in people and in a greater good.

"Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire."

I think maybe the reason some people have such a dim outlook on society and humanity is because they're looking for the saints, and saints exist in such small qualities that if you just look at those as the "good people", yes, of course you'll get a bad image. Humans are abundant, though, and that's good enough, because humans can do as much good as a saint any day.


I'm reading a book right now(Hardcore Zen) that I picked up because it looked interesting and it had 5-star reviews. I'm a little disappointed. It's good, yes, and has a few gems such as the following:

"You cannot possibly honor God if you can't honor every last one of God's manifestations. killing someone in God's name is ridiculous. If we do that, we are killing God and killing truth."

...but...he seems almost derisive of other viewpoints. Which is disappointing. He does address this and say that if he's coming off as though his truth is the only truth, then he's not expressing his meaning right. But, referring to all religion as a silly guy dressed up telling everyone what to believe, not only shows an extremely narrow view of religion, but also shows no respect for it. Yet he says not having respect for another's path/personal truth is bad. Hm.

I'm only in the first 20-50 pages. Maybe it'll get better.

I wish I didn't have to go to school tomorrow. Blech. And I forgot to call the lady at B. Dalton back and ask about the interview. Too late now.


Blogger Andrew Ironwood said...

Haven't read that particular book, but most Zen stuff tends to embrace contradictions (see most any koans, fer example) as a way to force you to think about the whole question/answer/process/etc. (me -- I just say "Mu" and be done with it...)

8:19 AM


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